TigFox 5kWh Battery Backup | TH5500 All in One 5kWh Hybrid Inverter Battery

Introducing the TigFox All in One Hybrid Inverter & Battery 5kWh (TH5500) – the ultimate solution for South Africans dealing with load shedding! With its 5.5kW solar power generator, you can say goodbye to power outages and keep your devices running smoothly.

The TH5500 features a 5.5kW solar inverter, 5.12kWh lifepo4 battery, and MPPT controller with WiFi built inside, making it easy to recharge during the day and power your devices at night. With its ability to receive power from the grid and solar panels, you can rest assured that your devices are getting the best possible power supply.

This all-in-one hybrid inverter and battery can operate in parallel with up to six units. Plus, it features automatic restart while AC is recovering, ensuring that you have power when you need it most.

With its configurable priority of AC/Solar charge via LCD setting, you can customize the power supply to your needs. The TH5500 has an AC input voltage range of 170-280VAC, input frequency range of 50Hz/60Hz, output AC voltage of 220/230/240VAC, and surge power of 11000VA.

With a maximum PV power input of 5500W and MPPT range operation voltage of 120-450VDC, the TH5500 can generate plenty of power to keep your devices running during load shedding. Plus, with its WiFi and RS485 communication method, you can monitor and control the power supply from anywhere using the TH5500’s mobile app.

Weighing 57kg and with a cooling down strategy of a fan, the TH5500 is a portable and convenient power station that you can take with you anywhere. The package includes an LCD display, WiFi module, and RS485 cable, making it easy to use right out of the box.

Invest in the TigFox All in One Hybrid Inverter & Battery 5kWh (TH5500) and experience uninterrupted power supply during load shedding. Say goodbye to the frustration of power outages and keep your devices running smoothly with the convenience of monitoring it through the mobile app.

5.5kW solar power generator
5.5kW solar inverter
5.12kWh lifepo4 battery
MPPT controller with WiFi built inside
Parallel operation with up to 6 units
Receive power from grid & solar panels
Automatic restart while AC is recovering
Configurable priority of AC/Solar charge via LCD setting
AC input voltage range: 170-280VAC
Input frequency range: 50Hz/60Hz
Output AC voltage: 220/230/240VAC
Surge power: 11000VA
Maximum PV power input: 5500W
MPPT range operation voltage: 120-450VDC
Communication method: WiFi/RS485
Cooling down strategy: Fan
LCD display
Package includes WiFi module and RS485 cable
Weight: N.W. 57kg / G.W. 66kg


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