11kWh Lithium Compact Power Station – 6000W

No Installation Required. Pre-assembled and ready to use as a Plug & Play System

RCT Axpert MKS 4 TWIN Off-Grid Inverter – 6000W
Inverter has dual outputs for smart load management
Powerful solar-ready Pure Sine Wave Inverter with built-in 6000W MPPT solar controller (add 10 x 600W PV Panels – not included)
Built-in Wi-Fi for remote monitoring with App
Hubble X-101 5.5kWh Lithium-Ion Battery with CAN-bus and Battery Management System – Total 11.0kWh
Re-charge battery with AC or Solar
Re-charge battery from 20% in approx. 3 hours – 4 hours
Ideal Plug and Play back-up power solution for your Home, Office or Business. (The unit is pre-assembled and ready to use and requires no installation, but it can be connected to your DB Board by a qualified electrician to power Plugs and Ceiling Lights)
Long battery lifespan (3000 cycles at 100% DoD)
Built-in overload and short circuit protection
Superior build quality
Sleek integrated battery design.
LCD / LED display for comprehensive information
No installation is required. Easy to use Plug and Play System
Strong and durable castor wheels makes it easy to move
10 (ten) year / 3000 cycles Battery warranty (whichever comes first)
12 month Inverter warranty
The 6kVa 11.0kWh Lithium Compact Power Station can power electronics and appliances such as Hairdryers, Kettles, Televisions, Computers, Air-conditioners, Fridges and Freezers, Microwaves, Medical Equipment, Power Tools and much more.


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